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Reisedienst Lange

Reisedienst Lange has the bus, whether it’s for holiday travels or route driving. Now they’re driving towards a green future with solar panels installed

The company Reisedienst Lange GmbH was established in 1990. Since then, they have been transporting adventurous travellers all over Europe. Besides this, they’re also route driving in their hometown Dortmund. The buses being used for holiday travel are all equipped with comfort facilities. This equipment takes a toll on the fuel budget. 

The company has an ambition to reduce its CO2 emissions. This ambition has led to an installment of their first solar cell system on the roof of one of their buses. 

Safety first 

The company prioritises continuing education for their drivers and maintenance of the buses. The buses are serviced in their workshop and at external authorised workshops. All buses are equipped with seat belts on all seats. From October on, they drive with winter equipment to ensure safety.  

A compass rose for daydreamers and longer vacations

The company’s logo depicts Europe, and a compass rose. The logo represents their ambition to secure the best travel experience for their customers with both precision and a high level of comfort all over Europe. Reisedienst Lange is focused on providing the best experience, whether that’s a day trip or a long-distance trip around Europe. The company’s employees are ready to guide and find the best solution every day all year around.  

The company has buses from six to 84 people, so there’s an option for all needs. With destinations like France, Spain, Austria, and other European countries, the world is only a phone call away. Besides this, they also offer school traffic or club travel. If a rail replacement bus is needed, they’re also at the ready. Here, they have available buses with 17 to 60 seats. 

Reisedienst Lange

The ambition to have a greener profile  

Reisedienst Lange has an ambition to lower their CO2 emission. This is why they’ve chosen to install a  960Wp solar cell system on one of their buses, a Van Hool Astromega 27. Oliver Böcher from Green Energy/ was present during the instalment. He met the CEO of Reisedienst Lange, Christian Lange, who told him why the company had chosen this solution:

“All of our 28 buses are rolling business cards. It sends a good signal that we, as a company, have chosen to invest in fuel reduction solutions that get us closer to CO2 neutrality. Besides this, the fuel reduction will also result in cost savings which are good for business. We became acquainted with your products through our local contact at EUROPART. To start, we’re doing a test period after which we want to install more solar cell systems,” says Christian Lange. 

We congratulate Reisedienst Lange GmbH on the installment.  

You can read more about the company here.

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