Charge Controller with datalogger secures the future of the bus industry 

Charge Controller with datalogger secures the future

The world’s first intelligent MPPT Charge Controller with a built-in IoT solution produce accurate CO2 rapports on buses 

The transport sector plays a defining role in the fight against climate change. Sustainable transport is more important than ever, and buses are among the great sinners regarding CO2 emissions. But there is still hope for a greener future. 

Solar cell solutions on buses all over the world have been a milestone in the efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. But it has been a challenge to collect reliable data providing the reduction in fuel, idling, and CO2 emissions.  

The future with green data

This is where the world’s first intelligent MPPT Charge Controller with a built-in IoT solution enters the frame. The groundbreaking charge controller from Green Energy/ combines AI and specialised software to track and gather data from the solar cell solutions on buses from 24/7 every day of the year.  

Machine Learning (AI) and tailored in-house software ensure precise measurement, documentation, and verification of the results. If any units are underperforming, the remote control can adapt and adjust the specific charge controller ensuring the best possible performance. This is the first charge controller in the world that can adapt to firmware, software, and setting externally.  

The result is that the charge controller can report accurate fuel and CO2 reductions, giving the bus company specific CO2 reports and data for their CO2 calculations. 

A greener industry 

Access to reliable data brings new opportunities to fight climate change and create a more sustainable future. The new technology allows the transport and logistics sectors to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and realise a greener industry. 

The charge controller solutions match the green agenda and offer valuable resources for the industry by making accurate data collecting and analysis possible and strengthening the green agenda going forward. 

“Our charge controller with data logger gives exact data from the CIGS solar cells. This makes the entity industry more sustainable. It also allows us and our customers to document the high cost saving our solar cell solutions provide,” says Karl Andreassen, CEO at 

Energy enhancement gives a competitive advantage 

The charge controller plays a vital role in the necessary transition towards sustainability in the transport sector, making it ideal for achieving climate goals. Reliable data allows companies to future-proof their activities because the CO2 reports help them document the coming restrictions the industry faces. It’s a win-win situation for the industry, its customers, and the climate.

How does a sustainable and cost-effective solution sound?  

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