MVB is making Magdeburg’s public transport greener


Magdeburg’s public transport network, operated by MVB, forms a loop around the city. The fleet is now equipped with solar panels, making it greener

MVB (Magdeburger Verkehrsbetriebe GmbH & Co. KG) transports people and creates connections that foster communities – professional, voluntary and personal. With a vision to create a sustainable public transport network, MVB has chosen to install solar panels on their buses.

A company built on years of experience

For almost 150 years, transport company MVB has been making sure people can get from A-B easily and safely. In 1878, the company was established. Since then, the company has grown and today the managing director is Mrs Münster-Rendel. She is at the helm of the prestigious company, which today employs 900 people in 4 departments and has a fleet of 65 vehicles.

Taking care of both the traveller and the employees

The company has succeeded in creating a workplace where employees are the centre of attention. Various arrangements help to ensure regular working hours in an industry that is open well beyond 8-16. Health programmes are just one of the many measures taken to ensure employee empowerment and well-being. They are at the core of the company’s operations.

Training is also an important area at MVB. Employees receive regular training and further education, based on their own interests and career opportunities. The next generation of employees is also taken into account. On average, the company has 50 trainees every year.

A departure for both the early bird and the night owl

Every year, tickets are redeemed for more than 40 million travellers. That’s a mark of a company that manages to deliver trips when they’re needed. With daily routes running Monday – Saturday from 5-23 and Sunday from 7-23, spread out to every corner of the city in an extensive network. The company also offers an additional service, the NIGHT ACTIVE, on selected routes, allowing night owls to arrive safely. These departures run between 23:15 and 04:15 on weekdays and 23:15-06:15 on Sundays and public holidays.

This service is also in line with the company’s desire to contribute to an active and socially sustainable city where diversity can flourish. This is also reflected in the company’s motto: “United for Magdeburg”, we present the diversity of our city’s clubs on and in the MVB’s future path”

Take a ride with the past next time you have something to celebrate

As a beautiful tribute to the past and where it all began, you can hire several of the company’s historic trams or the bright red double-decker bus. MVB has a number of trams available for hire, the oldest of which dates back to the very beginning of the “electric trams” era, tram 23 from 1899.

One of those carriages is a Magdebburg classic, tram 124, which has been running on the streets since 1928. The trams can be hired as solo carriages or with an additional tram. The iconic red double-decker can also be hired with a city guide, adding to the excitement of the tour.

Next stop on the route to a greener future

As a natural extension of the company’s commitment to creating a sustainable city, MVB has chosen to install the first set of solar panels on one of its buses.

Oliver Heinze from Green Energy was involved in the installation, which was done in collaboration with Hagen Brüske from Europart Magdeburg-Barleben. During the installation of this 640Wp kit on one of the company’s MAN – City 12C Hybrid – 2021 buses, he has a chat with Nico Pinzer, foreman at MVB.

“We became aware of your products through EUROPAT. With your solutions, we can compensate for the voltage deficit that occurs when the bus is stationary. The battery is loaded more when stopping when the ignition is switched on, so it made sense to test this. Green Energy has many good references and is clearly at the forefront as a market leader, which is why we could easily see ourselves in a collaboration. We have chosen to run a 3-month test period and when we have the results that can show the profitability of the system, we can imagine ordering more systems.” Nico Pinzer concludes.

Congratulations to MVB on the installation.

You can read more about the company here:

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