Meet HP Michelet: A bridge to tomorrow

hp michelet chairman

You might not know our Chairman of the Board, but HP is the mastermind behind world-changing projects and products

Hans Peter Michelet, also known as HP, our Chairman of the Board, is a Norwegian serial entrepreneur. He is the epitome of ultimate entrepreneurial success and has the remarkable ability to bridge the gap between the present and the future.

HP’s journey starts with an impressive academic background as an economist and a military career as a reserve officer in the army. However, these qualifications only scratch the surface of his abilities. Throughout his career, he has consistently crafted pioneering solutions, demonstrating his role as a strategic thinker with an innate ability to envision the future.

A serial entrepreneur, visionary and pioneer

HP’s career is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit. Whether we are talking about his pivotal role in Energy Recovery Inc (ERI), a global leader in energy recovery equipment that revolutionised seawater desalination. Or his role as CEO of Profunda AS, where he spearheaded pioneering efforts in land-based farming of salmon, cod, and halibut in Norway, ultimately making the company the world’s largest producer of salmon roe when it was acquired by AquaGen in 2017. His curriculum vitae also includes SynchroNet Marine Inc, a provider of maritime technology services, and its subsidiary, SynchroNet Logistics Inc, which optimises the global repositioning of empty ISO containers. Not to mention his role as a director at Delphi, which ended up being one of Norway’s fastest-growing capital management firms and positioning it as a prominent Scandinavian investment bank.

A master of innovation

HP’s remarkable contributions have also earned him recognition as Exporter of the Year by the Export-Import Bank of the United States and as a finalist for E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year in Northern California in 2008 and 2010.

But his influence goes beyond entrepreneurship; he is, in fact, a true ambassador for innovation and green solutions. For over two decades, he has consistently been at the forefront of introducing revolutionary ideas to the world.

Green Energy and beyond

In his current role as Chairman of the Board of Green Energy/ A/S, HP continues to redefine the landscape. Group Green Energy, which is part of, is at the forefront of one of the most critical challenges of our time – minimising carbon emissions. Our mission is to accelerate the transition to more efficient and cleaner energy solutions while actively reducing the use of fossil fuels worldwide.

This is in line with the ongoing theme of HP’s career, characterised by his unwavering commitment to a higher cause. He is undoubtedly on the right side of history and on the green side of innovation.

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