FlixBus expands the green palette: Solar panel solutions on five buses in Florida 

FlixBus expands the green palette with solar panel solutions on five buses

In Florida, five buses are now driving around with CIGS solar panel solutions as a part of FlixBus’ green journey towards sustainability 

To strengthen sustainable transport and reduce the environmental impact, FlixBus has taken an essential step in integrating solar cell solutions from Solarbus-pro on their buses. 

In weeks 22 and 23, solar panels were installed on three FlixBus buses in Orlando and Florida. Shortly, two more buses will be equipped with the solar cell solution. This initiative makes FlixBus a front-runner in transport solutions in the bus industry.  

A sustainable and efficient energy system 

Every FlixBus equipped with the plug-and-play solar cell solution has a 960W solar power system consisting of 12p 80W solar panels, 1p 60A charge controller, and 1p 50A fuse. The solar power system is directly linked to the bus’ battery, making it possible to charge the batteries using solar energy. This has several positive consequences, such as diesel reduction, CO2 reduction, and reduced maintenance.  

Sustainable charging and CO2 reductions 

By using solar energy to charge the bus’ batteries, the generator is relieved, normally used to provide the bus with power. This results in a significant fuel reduction since the bus no longer depends on the generator to supply power. As a result, CO2 emissions are reduced, which has a significant positive environmental impact. 

Reduction of maintenance costs 

The solar cell solutions also contribute to reducing FlixBus’ maintenance costs. It will mean less reliance on the generator and a reduced need for frequent maintenance and replacements of vital components, making it economically attractive and more sustainable in the long run.  


FlixBus is showing the way for green bus transport 

Implementing the solar cell solution on their buses, FlixBus has cemented its position as a pioneer in green transport. They are showing the path for the bus industry by embracing technological solutions to reduce the negative impact on the environment. By investing in sustainable and energy-effective alternatives, Flixbus is at the forefront of accommodating the rising restrictions in sustainable transport. They continue strengthening their role as a leading actor in the green transport sector.  


You can read more about the company here: www.flixbus.com 

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