ESCOT becomes the first certified installer in the US

ESCOT Bus Lines

ESCOT Bus Lines have installed CIGS solar cell solutions on two city buses and three Flixbuses, with Jose Santos and Mahmoud Necaf as the first certified installers in the United States

ESCOT Bus Lines, Florida’s Premier Charter Bus Company, have just raised the standard for sustainable bus transport in the United States. As the first bus company in the country, ESCOT has become a certified installer of’s innovative solar cells solution that enables fuel efficiency and reduces power consumption by using solar energy.  

The first in the US – a milestone for ESCOT 

ESCOT Bus Lines has demonstrated their dedication to sustainable transport by implementing the plug-and-play CIGS solar cell solution on two city buses and three Flixbusses. At the same time, two talented technicians from ESCOT’s workshop, Jose Santos and Mahmoud Necad, were certified as the first installers of the groundbreaking solar cells solution in the United States. 

On their platform, ESCORT writes: “In our 40 years as a family-owned Florida company, we have set many standards for how we treat our customers and crew. Today, we’re proud to be the country’s first luxury coach company that’s certified installers of’s solar cell solution. Now five of our buses are driving with increased fuel efficiency, reduced power consumption, and all solar energy drives all accessories. This makes us the first in the US to implement and support these new initiatives, and we’re proud to support this new innovative way of travelling the country.” 

ESCOT Bus Lines

The green standard for bus transport

This certification marks a significant step towards a more sustainable future for the bus industry. ESCOT Bus Lines has set a new standard for bus transport in the United States. With this certification as the first motor coach company to install’s solar cell solution, they are paving the way for a sustainable future in the transport sector. congratulates ESCOT on the certification and looks forward to collaborating with ESCORT Bus Lines. 


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