Cutting edge technology

CIGS Solar Panel


3mm thin.
2.2 kg / squaremeter.

With the CIGS solar panels you’ll experience top tier solar panels with a very low impact on your bus’ looks, and a big impact on your bus’ carbon emissions. The solar panels are designed to resist almost anything. They’re extremely flexible, and close to impossible to break.

Solar panel sets

110 Wp

165 Wp

190 Wp

220 Wp

380 Wp

640 Wp

960 Wp


Every solar panel set includes a suitable chargecontroller. 

About the set

Plug & Play

When you order a solar panel set from it includes everything you need to get up and running. Below is an overview over the exact items that are included in a solar panel set.

A set includes

Solar panels




Connection set


Mobile cleaner

Take a look at our chargecontroller

110 - 960Wp +

CIGS Solar Panel