About Solarbus.pro

Fighting for a better and greener future

Solarbus.pro is a part of something bigger, Green Energy A/S, and we believe that a greener and cleaner future is possible if we innovate and keep on fighting

More than just solar panels

Sustainability on the agenda

Our story is not just about a company that produces solar solutions. It is also a story of passion, an innovative drive and  optimism and a strong belief that we can make a difference. It is a story about having respect for the planet and the people who live on it.

At Solarbus.pro, responsibility is an important cornerstone and therefore we also have growth targets that support not just one but 9 of the UN’s 17 global goals.

Solarbus.pro is based on circular production and design principles

At Solarbus.pro, sustainability and circularity are inextricably linked to our business model. Right from the creation of the solar panels, we work purposefully to reduce our material consumption and increase our recycling rate in order to keep resources in circulation.

The future

Our vision and mission

Our vision

The company’s heritage is from our Norwegian parent group Green Energy A/S; therefore, the Norwegian roots are also deeply rooted in Green Energy’s DNA.

In line with the UN’s Agenda 2030, Norway has dedicated itself to reducing CO2 emissions – Which is consistent with Green Energy’s green agenda.

With our Norwegian parent group behind us, the vision is “50 by 50”. A vision that, in all its simplicity, means that we, with our CO2 reduction of 50 million tons in 2050, can neutralize Norway’s annual CO2 emissions.

Our mission

Green Energy is driven by one of the world’s biggest challenges: limiting CO2 emissions through non-fossil energy sources. We are on a mission; we want to reduce the use of fossil fuels in the world and accelerate the transition to more efficient and cleaner energy solutions

We believe that by making it easy and economically advantageous to convert to green energy, we will be able to make the heavy boys in the entire transport industry greener – While we try to do the right thing along the way.