5 benefits of plug and play CIGS-solar panels on buses

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We have listed 5 benefits of the plug and play CIGS solar solution on buses

Easy installation

The installation of the Solarbus.pro’s plug and play CIGS-solar cell solution is quick and effortless. The adhesive and lightweight solar panels are designed to fit busses perfectly and require no complicated customisations or boreholes. Furthermore, the 3 millimetre thick CIGS-solar cells, which weigh 4.8 pounds per sqm, are extremely flexible and ideal for assembly on different vehicle designs and sizes.

Sustainable operation

When bus operators choose plug-and-play CIGS-solar cell solutions, they take action toward a more sustainable bus operation. The clean and green energy source from solar energy, which the solution uses, plays a vital role in reducing carbon emissions and fighting the crucial challenges of climate change.

Financial savings

The solution gives a substantial economic advantage by reducing fuel and operation costs significantly. The integration of solar energy into the energy supply makes it possible for buses to reach a considerable amount of economic efficiency. This makes it an attractive solution for bus operators, who strive to maximize their financial returns while contributing to sustainability initiatives within the transport sector.

Accurate carbon reporting

Bus operators can achieve reliable carbon reports by using plug and play CIGS-solar cell solutions in combination with an integrated charge controller with data loggers. These reports will give precise information about their savings and carbon reductions, which makes it possible for them to document their contributions to a more sustainable transport sector and plan future environmental initiatives.

Global surveillance

With an extensive overview of all added vehicles, bus operators can easily administer and monitor how their solar panel systems perform and much more. Everything is developed in-house, and with the charge controller, they can monitor how the solar panel system works in real time and evaluate its contribution since the installation.

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