Solar panels for buses

Travel Sustainably with Cutting-Edge CIGS Solar Panels

With roof-mounted solar panels on buses, it's possible to reduce CO2 emissions and offer environmentally friendly travel. Help lead the way to a greener future.

Cut the carbon emissions

Experience clean traveling with a green solution

Each year busses drive thousands of kilometers both on highways and in urban areas. In general busses are still primarily driven by a diesel engine, without any means of equipment to help lowering carbon emissions. This is the thing we want to change, to aim for a greener and cleaner future. has developed unique inhouse products that will do an efficient job at lowering the carbon emission of busses. This happens through an advanced set og special designed CIGS solar panels, that will charge the batteries onboard the bus, so the engine and generator doesn’t have to consume as much diesel. 

Our product is a win-win solution as it will spare the environment for a lot of  NOx and COand at the same time it will save you money, it will reduces carbon emissions per traveler and lastly you will become a greener profile within the transportindustry.

Produce to save

Estimated savings based on hours of sunlight per year*.

Per bus per year*


Estimated production

1.000 kWh

Estimated diesel savings

1.000 Liters

Reduced carbon emissions

2.68 Tons


Estimated production

1.500 kWh

Estimated diesel savings

1.500 Liters

Reduced carbon emission

4.02 Tons


Estimated production

2.000 kWh

Estimated diesel savings

2.000 Liters

Reduced carbon emission

5.36 Tons

Our perfectly designed CIGS solar panels, will deliver clean energy every day for 25+ years. At only 3mm of thinness and with a weight of just 2.2kg / squaremeter you won't even notice them. Designed and built to resist everything you could possibly throw at them.


Innovative solar solutions with cutting edge technology

Our brand new chargecontroller developed and designed inhouse. The chargecontroller brings the extensive control and monitoring of your CIGS Panel set into the palm of your hand.

What it does

Learn more about our solar panels and the great benefits that comes with them

Step into the future, where solar panels on buses redefine the standards of style and sustainability. At we are committed to revolutionizing the bus industry.

We are a proud division of Green Energy/, the world’s largest  supplier of Mobil Integrated PhotoVoltaic solutions for vehicles specializing in plug and play CIGS Solar Solutions designed for buses, we are at age forefront of innovation.

Our CIGS solar panels empower buses to generate clean energy, reducing reliance on diesel, and dramatically reducing harmful CO2 emissions. But our story goes beyond being a solar solutions provider. It is a story of passion, relentless innovation and an unwavering belief that we can make a tangible difference.

Join on our mission to create a green and more sustainable future for the bus industry. Together we can drive positive change and propel towards a brighter tomorrow.

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